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Comprehensive Helper Program

Training Helper Certification Program for Schutzhund/IPO in NJ

Schutzhund Helper Certification in New Jersey

A training helper is a consummate actor and communicator. Able to mimic not only animal movement but also to emit emotion. Flexibility in exaggerating expression is the language a great helper uses to balance a dogs genetic predisposition to this work. As with any type of dog training, k-9 understanding is relative to timing and association. Timing is crucial, the window of opportunity may only be half a second. To exploit such opportunities a helper needs to be instinctive and be able to make the correct decisions within these windows of opportunity. A training helpers responsibility is to help the dog, to instill the correct perception and success in how the dog is to interact with the helper.

A good training helper is able to cultivate a dogs genetic working qualities and attributes by maintaining balance. This balance is important in trial. A judge at a Schutzhund/IPO trial assess a dogs willingness to work, trainability, courage, stability along with relationship to the handler as it interacts confidently with the helper. A dog needs to be trained by professionals to achieve this level of socialization. This balance is based on genetics as well as proper training.

John Soares has developed a helpers Training program that teaches:

  • how the nervous system of a dog works
  •  importance of maintaining equilibrium
  •  the internal defense mechanism of the body
  •  importance of channeling
  •  how to channel
  •  drives and instincts
  •  Importance of movement
  •  how to move
  •  ritualistic language
  •  how to work distance (personal, social, critical)
  •  perception of prey and aggression for different breeds
  •  process of domestication
  •  why different breeds need different types of work
  •  predatory sequence
  •  different equipment
  •  how and when to use equipment
  •  trial helper work

Anybody can put on a sleeve or a bite suit and work dogs. But being a training helper is more than just giving bites. A TRAINING HELPER IS AN EDUCATOR. What facilitates learning for a dog is based on the knowledge a the trainer has. No matter how great a dog may be his success and understanding are limited to the trainers experience and ability. John Soares has put together a course for those wishing to learn this art. Drawing from his Schutzhund/IPO, French Ring, and personal protection experience John Soares presents a complete program.

The famous saying is “There are always people ready to take a bite. But rarely someone who knows how to.”


This course is about educating why and how to properly mold and guide genetic tendencies into a safe, controlled and enjoyable outlet. WE DO NOT TEACH DOGS TO BITE.


You’ll command your dog off leash in 4 follow-up training sessions.


Ensuring your pet’s response to you and your family in off-leash environments.


Your dog’s attention when you require it the most.

Top Reviewed, Top Rated

When you’re thinking of using a trainer for a board and train program, what’s the first thing you do? You Google them. Deciding to leave your dog with a training professional is a big decision. Online reviews are an honest way to learn about the services provided by a business in a more unfiltered way. You’ll find that JSK9’s independent Google reviews and testimonials to be informative on the quality of our off-leash obedience training.

Ready when you are

Your dog isn’t going to train itself (in good behavior). So let’s get the ball rolling. To receive a no-obligation pet evaluation, just let us know a few details. We’ll be in touch very soon. Please use the phone number below or send us a message using our inquiry form.

Our prices for dog training are based on an in-person evaluation of your pet.

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