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Dog Board & Train New Jersey

The BEST Basic Dog Obedience Board & Train Program in North Jersey, South Jersey, and Bergen, Morris, Passaic, and Hudson Counties

Our proven and tested K9 Obedience Board & Train program builds a foundation to communicate and establish a common day-to-day language with your pet.  Having a family pet that not only do you love, but performs on command: “sit”, “down”, “heel”and “come” and basic mannerisms such as no pulling, no jumping, no chewing, etc. is critical. We are skilled in the art of dog training and bringing your relationship with your pet to a higher level. You’ll get compliments on walks in public, when people notice your successful command of your dog. If you spend 10 to 15 minutes a day reinforcing commands, our training is guaranteed for life by John Soares School For Happy Dogs.

Our Board & Train Dog Obedience Method

We make the basic obedience training process easy. First, we schedule a no-obligation evaluation with you and your dog. The evaluation will determine the extent of boarding and training, the price of your program package, and provide an opportunity to ask any questions. Boarding/training programs are the most effective way to train a dog, since the amount of private sessions to achieve the same amount of repetitions and consistency in successful outcomes would extend the training process into months instead of weeks the way our program works.

Dog obedience boarding and training has proven to be a favorite with owners/families with limited time and who desire to have a professional train their pet. We take great pride in families entrusting us to have their pet as a guest at our school. Your pet will have a significant amount of daily interaction, similarly to if he or she were at home with you. The crate is utilized during timeout/resting, and we have climate controlled accommodations that are secure, safe, and comfortable. Our outside facilities include a fenced in exercise area for running and playtime. We guarantee that your best friend’s stay with us will go above and beyond the standards that are set at a conventional kennel, in addition to being fully licensed and insured in New Jersey and boasting countless references, testimonials, and reviews that are a testament to our love for dogs and their higher education. Your dog’s accomodations with us will be at the same level as our own prized competition and sport working dogs.

During Board & Train: What to Expect…

Once training is underway, John will periodically call or message you progress updates at key milestone points in the curriculum. When the program is about to conclude and your dog passes the necessary obedience tests, a pickup date will be scheduled. On the day that you pick up your pet, you will complete the first of four follow-up sessions to take you through what your dog has learned, how to effectively handle your pet post-training, and answer questions. Your dog also receives a complimentary bath at the end of their stay.

When is the best age to start Board & Training Basic Obedience?

With over 28 years of experience under out belts, we disagree that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but the older your dog gets and the more repetitions of disobedient pet behavior they make, the training becomes extensive to establish desired outcomes and can require an additional behavior modification track in training. If you’re a new puppy owner, board and train should start as early as 5 months old. Call us today and we’ll answer questions that you didn’t know you had.

John Soares K9 Training, LLC provides a range of drop-off training options to cater to the needs of every dog owner. We are dedicated to assisting you in leading a happier life with your furry companion. Our two drop-off training programs are as follows:

  1. Overnight Board & Train: If you are a busy dog owner or have a dog with excessive nervousness or aggression, our Overnight Board & Train option is perfect for you. In this program, your dog will receive constant supervision and participate in private one-on-one training sessions, group sessions for socialization, playtime, and local outings. This comprehensive residency program ensures that your dog receives excellent training and care while staying with us.

Refresher Training for Previous Clients

  1. Board & Train Refresher Training: If you want to witness significant changes in a short period or if your dog only requires a refresher, our two-week Board & Train program is ideal. Consider it a vacation for both you and your dog. During this time, your dog will receive focused training on specific behaviors or manners. If your dog already possesses good manners but has other specific issues, we can address those too. Our training takes place in a productive and enjoyable environment at our facility. With round-the-clock personalized attention and guidance, we observe what works best for your dog and adapt our training methods accordingly. By the end of the program, we will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition and provide guidance on how to continue the training at home.

By offering these drop-off training options, John Soares K9 Training, LLC aims to provide the highest level of training and convenience for both you and your beloved pet.

Additionally, John Soares K9 Training, LLC offers evaluations for your dog to determine the most suitable training program for them. These evaluations are conducted in two locations for your convenience and are required to accurately determine the program that is most appropriate for your dog. If you are based in North Jersey, we offer evaluations typically on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays by appointment only. On the other hand, if South Jersey is more accessible for you, you can schedule your evaluation on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays by appointment. We make an effort to provide optimal flexibility and accessibility to our clients across both regions.

Is Board & Train a Dog Boot Camp in New Jersey?

Yes, in a way, our Board & Train programs can be likened to a ‘Dog Boot Camp’, but with an emphasis on balanced reinforcement and individual attention. While the term ‘boot camp’ may often evoke thoughts of rigorous and intense training sessions, at John Soares K9 Training, LLC, we focus on creating a balanced and supportive environment for your canine companions. Our ‘boot camp’ involves a comprehensive, structured, and intensive training schedule, however, it is also imbued with ample playtime, socialization sessions, and relaxation periods. The goal is not only to instill good manners and behaviors in your pet but also to ensure their overall wellbeing and happiness during their stay with us. We ensure each dog receives the right mix of discipline, training, socialization, and fun to achieve the best results.

Ready to Transform Your Dog’s Behavior?

Don’t wait any longer to create a more harmonious relationship with your K9 friend. John Soares K9 Training, LLC is here to help you every step of the way. Ready to get started? Don’t hesitate to contact us at (973) 506-4644 today. Let’s work together to create the perfect training plan for your dog. We look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, meeting your four-legged family member.

After we met with John, we could tell that he had the knowledge and resources to provide highly customized training that met our specific needs as a family. We like the fact that John’s facility is open rain or shine.  Thank you for everything, John!!!
Jessica Ma


Flexibile Training Methods

Curriculum is based on the individual’s temperament and ability.

How to Command Your Dog

Learn all commands in your dog’s new vocabulary.

4 Follow-up Sessions

Designed to educate you & an opportunity to ask questions.

How to Work With Your Dog

Working a dog is an art; we’ll teach you the tricks.

How to Use Your Leash

The umbilical cord establishing a point of reference in guiding, correcting, and keeping control.

Ensure Pet's Response

Your pet’s response to you and your family is a critical part of training.

John Soares K9 Training, LLC Reviews

Susan ManalioSusan Manalio
12:03 17 Jul 23
My 7-month-old White GSD Star, just returned from her 4-week board and train with John. What an amazing difference in her obedience. I worked with her since she was 8 weeks old to build a good foundation but started struggling with her on-leash training as she got older. She was also extremely mouthy when taking her collars on and off, which had to change. John’s ability to evaluate, read and work with dogs is second to none. To say the results of my expectations were unmatched, is an understatement. Every week I was sent updates, videos, and pictures on how Star was doing. During these 4 weeks I missed her terribly, but I knew she was in the best of hands. Upon her return I participated in the first of 4 training sessions which were included in her board and train. John taught me, as the handler, how to work with Star with the training tools specific to her. She now walks beautifully on-leash and does not react when I pull her collars on and off. She is also more focused on me and does what I ask her to do regarding obedience. John has a deep passion for training and endless patience when showing handlers (no matter what level) how to work with their newly trained dog. I found John by accident when I was looking for additional training for my last WGSD 10 years ago. I loved his style and how he worked with people as well as dogs, he has a deep compassion for both. I am looking forward to when Star is old enough, when John will re-evaluate her to attend off-leash training at his board and train facility. I HIGHLY recommend John as a trainer; he is the best of the best, and I feel grateful and fortunate to have had this opportunity to work with him and I look forward to continuing with John.
Ray WhiteRay White
15:23 14 Jul 23
I highly recommend John Soares K9 Training. John did a great job achieving our objectives with our Doberman, who was previously very reactive and difficult to walk. After just a few weeks of training, our dog is now able to stay focused on us in complex and challenging environments, and walking is now super easy with no pull or distractions.I was particularly impressed with John's patience and understanding. He was always willing to answer our questions and help us understand what we needed to do to continue training our dog. He also took the time to teach us how to prevent our dog from becoming reactive in the future.I believe that the investment in John's training was well worth it. Our dog is now a much better household member, and we are all much happier. I would definitely do it again with any other dog we may get in the future.Here are some key points from my experience with John Soares K9 Training:* John is a highly experienced and knowledgeable dog trainer.* He is patient, understanding, and fun to work with.* He teaches you how to prevent your dog from becoming reactive in the future.* The investment in his training is well worth it.If you are looking for a dog trainer who can help you achieve your training goals, I highly recommend John Soares K9 Training.
Andrew SAndrew S
14:39 11 May 23
John has a rare gift with dogs, and besides immense experience he has an innate talent in being able to translate his gift into real results.Through my own interactions and experience with John, I know for certain that he is also a man of great honor and integrity.He's a straight talker who will tell you from the start what can and can't be achieved, rather than give false promises.These qualities all make him your only choice in what is otherwise a sea mediocre and inexperienced K9 trainers out there.
Jeff ScottJeff Scott
19:22 07 Apr 23
Absolutely the most knowledgeable, and professional dog trainer you will ever meet.
Marvin CarpenterMarvin Carpenter
00:45 30 Mar 23
I’m so glad that my wife and I decided to go with John Soares K9 Training, the results were life changing. Our Doberman is a total different dog after spending four-weeks with John and his staff at his board & train facility. We were provided with video’s throughout her training and were impressed with her progress. Nova’s transformation was amazing, the training has blended perfectly into our daily lives. It was one of the best decisions my wife and I made to get Nova the professional training that she much needed. In addition, the four follow-up sessions were geared to train us humans on how to handle a well behave and trained dog. Thank you John, we are totally happy with the results and we highly recommend your board and train program (Obedience & Off-Leash) to family and friends.
Tina AlvesTina Alves
02:38 08 Oct 21
I am grateful to have found John to help me with my 18 month old doberman. Not only is John an expert in understanding how this breed thinks but he took the time to get to know my dog’s specific temperament and personality. The 4-week board and train program was definitely worth it because he helped me get to a better place with my pet by teaching me about the importance of tone of voice when giving a command, leash pressure, and timing of corrections. I feel more confident and in control as a handler. The follow up sessions were key to better understanding how to manage his dog reactivity. Thank you for all your help, I really appreciate it!

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