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Family Personal Protection


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Family / Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

Contrary to belief a Family/Personal Protection Dog is not an ATTACK DOG. An Attack Dog has a deficiency in its ability to be social. Such a dog lacks domestication. Therefore, limited in its ability to be trained and in its participation to be social this type of dog is unpredictable and unsafe as a companion. A reliable Family/Personal Trained Dog must be balanced in:

• Social tendencies (be predictable within the relations to family/owner.)
• Willingness to work.
• Ability to fulfill its purpose.

Our Family/Personal Trained Dogs are classified into these two categories:–Our first level is a “Specialized Companion” the ideal pet for those families having low security needs. Dogs at this level are obedience trained on and off leash. Conducive to family living, Very social, sound temperament with predisposition to protect. Our second level dog is a “Highly Specialized Dog”. This caliber of dog is genetically able to handle high level training. Whether due to security reasons, handicaps, etc at this level we customize training beyond the spectrum of normal requests. In dogs of this caliber genetics play a very important role in ability to protect. To set ourselves apart from frustrating misunderstandings and disillusions we like our clients to understand that in order to have a true protector a dog must see its world limited to its immediate social circle of people/pack or have a need to protect immediate territory.These types of temperaments are what enables predictability for those clients needing an instinctive protector…not training. We feel this obligation to educating clients about temperament is often over looked. This consideration should be a very important part to your decision making. We do not sugar coat the reality of such a dog. They do make the best pets but good judgment, responsibility and awareness must be applied.True Protectors work through familiarities. There is no difference between an intruder/stranger and a brother/friend visiting that is not part of its day to day world/pack. We do not downplay the seriousness of owning such a dog. When a dog is required for its protective qualities, this quality needs to be genetic if it is to sustain itself. It must be because of an innate need…NOT TRAINING. Training must provide the means of controlling this genetic predisposition not the source of inducing protection behavior. This quality needs to be genetic if it is to sustain itself. Our second level dog makes the ultimate partner. Sharing life with such a companion is a privilege. High Specialized Companion.

Purchasing a trained dog provides you with the benefit of knowing that:

• the selection process of your dog has been professionally acquired
• the k-9 has had proper up-bringing
• the k-9 has had proper socialization
• proper mannerisms have been instilled
• the k-9 has had specialized training to suit your needs

We firmly believe in the ability of our trained dogs. However, the perception that a trained dog will respond like a robot…is not how we like to advertise this service. The ability to influence a trained dog by commands is well founded. But trained dogs are far from being programmed machines. We advocate consideration for how the dog feels and thinks. Reality is that dogs are living, breathing beings like all of us they deserve consideration and respect. We do not promise machines…that would be unrealistic, unsafe, unfair to our dog and to you as a new owner.

What we do promise is a new member to your family who will look forward to pleasing you based on their personalized experience at our training facility. A dogs predictability in behavior is not only brought about through genetic qualities but how these qualities are cultivated and maintained through discipline without sacrificing integrity. We offer maintenance programs to keep you and your trained dog sharp. Continued training offers greater flexibility. Because needs often change, we advocate maintenance programs. By maintenance training and making adjustments when needed we are often able to gradually provide the required training to facilitate dogs to changes.We want to offer you the best we can, but also provide our trained dogs with the same. We interview families before placing our dogs.

WE WILL NOT SHIP DOGS. INTERVIEWING AND MEETING WITH ENTIRE FAMILY IS A MUST.The transition of a trained dog is facilitated greatly by having a vast vocabulary of commands. Using commands that a dog has been trained to provides you with a means of influence. By having this capability of influence a trained dog will immediately see you as a point of reference in its new environment. Once this period is seen through a dog will become adjusted to its new family and relate to you as a leader.

SOLD. “Pekko” is available. Take a moment to view Pekko’s profile and learn more about this standout German Shepherd coming through our training program.

John Soares has had the unique opportunity to have lived as a Professional Dog trainer both in U.S.A. and Europe. His ability has brought him the recognition in both continents.

He offers his experience as a:
• Helper and handler in Schutzhund/IPO
• Decoy and handler in French Ring
• Personal protection and police decoy
• Trainer for dogs in accelerates, search and rescue and narcotics
• Training director position in USA (Alpha Schutzhund Club)
• Training director position in Europe (Zebul Club)
• Became certified in Europe as a FCI helper
• Earned high honors at national championships in USA, Italy and Switzerland



We utilize our vast network of K9 professionals in the private and public sectors to locate your dog.


Our team will be with you throughout follow-up training.


Our team provides progress updates during the sourcing and training.


Our dogs come with a clean bill of health by a reputable vet and all registration papers.

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Our prices for dog training are based on an in-person evaluation of your pet.

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