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Behavior Modification Board & Train Program at John Soares School For Happy Dogs

Dog Behavior Modification Training in New Jersey

Although dog training has been around for a long time, there is confusion about how to best handle a dog with behavior problems, due to the conflicting information published by different authors. Not everyone is equipt and qualified to address these specific issues that families run into with their pets. Having worked with thousands of dogs over the years, we have a clear understanding on how to properly address unwanted behavior through behavior modification in a boarding/training environment, where your pet will be a guest at our training center for a brief period of weeks.

One common scenario is that the dog owner has already attempted behavior modification and now they’re at a point of giving up after limited or no  progress.  At John Soares School For Happy Dogs, we are very passionate about saving the relationship that you have with your dog through proper training and communication. Unclear communication is usually the biggest underlying problem, along with spoiling or not defining how and where your pet fits in with you and your family. Your pet may already understand Basic Obedience commands, while exhibiting behavioral issues that are undermining how he or she fits into your life, such as:

1. Bark continuously;

2. Destructive chewing;

3. Showing aggression, flight behavior, etc.

Most behavioral problems are the result of improper management. In order to have a balanced pet, proper neutralization and imprinting is required. Ultimately, behavior is the outcome of learning, and all dogs learn certain behaviors whether it’s your choice or not. Once they learn the wrong behavior and are allowed to repeat the behavior over and over again, the problems magnify.

The question I see forming by potential clients goes like: “Will I have to sacrifice my relationship with my pet to achieve proper behavior?” Not at all.  Our goal is correct or eliminate the behavior and actually improve your relationship with your pet.

What are next steps?

Our training methods are geared for flexibility by being based on the individual’s temperament and ability. Once a no-obligation pet evaluation is completed with Master Trainer John Soares, we’ll go over the timeframe necessary for training at our licensed/insured New Jersey based dog boarding & training school. Your dog will receive the highest level in care and given the same attention that our prized and loved competition dogs receive. All clients receive updates at key milestone points in the training program and pet graduates receive a complimentary bathing before going home.  Typically, on the day that you checkout your dog, John will take you through the first of four follow-up training sessions. These follow-up sessions are designed to reinforce the training and help you understand how to manage, communicate, and handle your dog moving forward.

Families of graduates of our board & train dog behavior modification course often tell us that we turned their dog into a trusted member of the family and provided a newfound relationship that didn’t exist before.

John Soares K9 Training and its School For Happy Dogs is committed to saving your relationship with your pet before it’s too late. We are at the forefront of animal behavior and psychology, which allows us to diagnose behavioral problems in dogs and implement training strategies through a balanced, ethical approach that saves and preserves the relationship the dog has with its owner. Don’t let these issues go unchecked, so give us a call today and speak with John about scheduling your evaluation and answer any question you may have.

After we met with John, we could tell that he had the knowledge and resources to provide highly customized training that met our specific needs as a family. We like the fact that John’s facility is open rain or shine.  Thank you for everything, John!!!
Jessica Ma



Training is individualized to ability and temperament.


Associational training where negative impacts are reversed.

Balanced Techniques

A combination of the best training strategies.

Enhanced Relationship

Through proper communication and education.


Bad behavior will be eliminated.

We are here to help...

The Journal of the American Veterinary Medicine Association study states that 30% of dog owners who send their pet to animal shelters do so as a result of behavior problems. Don’t send your dog to the animal shelter! Hire Master Trainer John Soares now.

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Your dog isn’t going to train itself (in good behavior). So let’s get the ball rolling. To receive a no-obligation pet evaluation, just let us know a few details. We’ll be in touch very soon. Please use the phone number below or send us a message using our inquiry form.

Our prices for dog training are based on an in-person evaluation of your pet.

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