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What We Do

→ Family / Personal Protection Dog Sales: Fully trained German Shepherds.
→ Service Dog Sales: Trained to perform specific tasks per your needs/disability.
→ Board & Train: Basic Obedience & Off-Leash Obedience

Our focus is on delivering mutual benefit: Win-win outcomes that make life better for pet owners and dogs alike through world-class board & train programs.  We also train and place some of the world’s finest protection dogs.  These are family and executive-level protection dogs.  They are NOT attack dogs.  Our service dogs are certified and trained for your specific disability.  These are not ESAs (emotional support animals). Whether you need a K9 for personal protection or a service dog for a disability, contact us to discuss your needs.


Our Approach

→ Learn more about us on our website.
→ Read our Testimonials and Google Reviews
→ Call or email to schedule an evaluation


All of our services require an in-person evaluation.  As an essential business, we conduct in-person evaluations with a prior appointment only.  Whether your inquiry is related to basic obedience, off-leash obedience, personal protection, or protection dog sales for family and executive protection, our programs are customized to meet your needs.  We do not provide prices without an evaluation since our training is completely customized to you. 


Our Mission

→ Promote family and personal safety.
→ Improve the bond between human and dog.
→ Provide a wide array of educational solutions.


We have a sense of urgency in our commitment to continually transform and improve the bond between human and K9.  Our approach encourages and equips individuals to focus on lifelong learning, communication with their dog, and grow in a healthy way.  We also greatly believe our mission is to promote family and personal safety and know that personal protection dogs can be the difference in saving lives.  We take great pride in providing both pet training and high-level personal protection solutions to the public.


Flexibility is what puts John Soares ahead of the class.

Whether you’re looking to purchase one of the finest protection dogs in the world or looking for training for a dog you recently acquired, you need a complete dog trainer that can give you the results you need. And easily learn how to manage your dog in your home or out in public in less time than you can imagine. A canine expert that educates you on everything from obedience and behavioral training to advanced dog training and off-leash control of your pet when necessary. And gets your dog motivated to follow commands consistently. And generalizes the training to your entire family. And provides follow-up training and answers all of your questions. Agreed? Great. Ready when you are.

Board & Train Programs

When training dogs, it’s best to have a world-class team that can take a balanced approach based on your specific needs, whether that’s basic obedience training, off leash obedience (walking your K9 off lead), or behavior modification to address aggression, biting, and toy possession. JSK9 has the experience to deliver the results you need in weeks — not months — for your family dog in our reputable board & train programs.  We are considered the trainer’s trainer and have proven time and time again to help people rehabilitate dogs deemed too aggressive, too disobedient, and too dangerous into well-trained canines.

Personal Protection Dogs

Responsibility for bringing security and peace of mind to our clients through world class protection dogs is something we take great pride in.  Our family protection dogs, executive protection dogs, and home protection dogs, along with other dogs with protection training, are available for the right owner.  Don’t find yourself settling for a guard dog that doesn’t have the dialed-in world class training that’s ultimately necessary. Protect yourself and your family with the most high caliber protection dog available through a customized matching process to your needs.


Our Experience Runs Deep

While primarily serving New Jersey (NJ), we also serve advanced obedience and Schutzhund clients around the world who come to us from NYC for dog training help and seminars in improving the relationship they have with their dogs, whether that’s novice training to advanced working K9s that may have already competed in IPO, DVG or participated in law enforcement roles as police K9s. While our AKC obedience programs are primarily in a boarding and training environment, we offer specialized private lessons, on a case by case basis, for sport dogs such as German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Belgian Malinois who require a K9 coach for tracking, obedience, and protection training.

Our philosophy on training is a foundation of fairness and balance with each and every dog receiving a certain sensitivity to their specific needs as animals with hearts and feelings. We strive to be one of the best dog trainers in NJ, but we engage in K9 training not only in the North Jersey area, but with people from all walks of life around the Tri-State such as NYC (including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens). Especially for our stay away dog training clients, we’re first identifying the specific behavioral problems you’re having with your pet, then we address and correct these issues in a controlled environment, but we don’t stop there. We generalize the training with several dog training experts that are employees of ours, so your pet listens regardless if you or another family member is handling the dog. Before your best friend graduates from our K9 academy, we proof the training with distractions and test your pet in a variety of scenarios that they must pass. Still, we’re not done yet. On the day you pick up your dog, you go through the first of four follow-up sessions to become properly educated and have all of your questions answered on how to move forward in communicating with your K9. Unlike many professional K9 trainers, I empower my customers through guidance as an expert coach. Geographically, we have clients drive from Delaware and Maryland to have us train their big dogs and small dogs – but what matters most to us is that you want to improve the relationship with your pet, and are looking for a top-rated Dog Trainer / K9 Behaviorist / Pet Trainer to help.

Want to talk? CALL (973) 506-4644 or send us an email. Most people find it the most effective to schedule a free evaluation where they bring their pet to our K9 training centers in Ringwood (near Oakland, Franklin Lakes, and Westchester County) or Philly Area for those down by Cherry Hill, where John Soares himself can go over the specific concerns you’re having with your dog. At the end of the evaluation, you’ll be provided a realistic game plan to train your canine and be given a better idea of the length of training.

JSK9 By the Numbers

Proof of the Pudding (We Are The Real Deal)

We recommend that you learn more about our dog training school’s credentials, but if you’re pondering if we’re really experts at dog training click here to watch John at the The American Working Dog Federation Championships, or click here to read our testimonials, or click here to read our reviews on Google+ local.

National Awards Won

Dogs Trained

International Awards Won

Years Of Experience

Our Training Methods

With over 30 years of experience as a K9 specialist and over 50+ years of combined experience when you include our team, we believe the owner or handler should work as one with the dog.

John Soares School For Happy Dogs is the best way to learn how to effectively communicate with your best friend.


Appropriate for dogs as
young as 5 months old


Move beyond a
6 foot leash


Save and protect
the relationship with your dog

JSK9. Often Imitated. Never duplicated.

State of the Art Facility

While many trainers will ask to meet you in a park, we have invested in a wide array of amenities at our climate controlled indoor training facility in Northern New Jersey. Our training environment and tools set the standard at the highest levels of our profession.

Fully Licensed & Insured

We carry comprehensive licensing and insurance to reinforce our commitment to safety, education, and professionalism. Not many trainers go to the extent that JSK9 does in safety standards of our pet clients and their handlers.

Highly Rated on Google

Top reviewed by clients and peers. Our independent reviews on Google are a great way to get an unfiltered look at what people think of JSK9. We’ll let our satisfied clients do the talking.


Following a simple formula of practice and consistency Rocco has in a very short time exceeded all of my expectations. He not only showed extremely well but be he was magnificent with the spectators, press and media he encountered.


After we met with John, we could tell that he had the knowledge and resources to provide highly customized training that met our specific needs as a family. We like the fact that John’s facility is open rain or shine.  Thank you for everything, John!!!
Jessica Ma


Ready when you are

Your dog isn’t going to train itself (in good behavior). So let’s get the ball rolling. To receive a no-obligation pet evaluation, just let us know a few details. We’ll be in touch very soon. Please use the phone number below or send us a message using our inquiry form.

Our prices for dog training are based on an in-person evaluation of your pet.

Call: (973) 506-4644

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Contact JSK9


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