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Service Animal Finder and Sales in New Jersey

John Soares K9 Training has been testing the capabilities of working dogs for years. What the general public does not know is that we also source, train, and sell service dogs. This page is meant to help you on your journey in finding a service dog that is right for you.

Let’s start with the definition of a service dog:

A dog that is a service animal and defined by the following titles: Title II and Title III of the ADA. A service animal is any K9 that is trained to work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. A disability could be physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or any other mental disability.

Service dogs can have a remarkable impact on an individual with a disability – potentially making the difference between a peaceful night’s sleep or sleeping in fear, having someone to comfort them during times of stress, or even signalling a warning for a diabetic or epileptic. Service animals work to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities and keep a constant presence in providing support.  While service animals’ primary benefit is to serve the individual with a disability, most people with service dogs say the dog takes on a significance that a small number of people are fortunate enough to understand.

Getting Started With Buying a Service Dog

There are multiple ways to start looking for a service dog: contacting a non-profit organization, going directly to a breeder, or consulting with a professional service dog trainer. This can be a slow process, with each option having pros, cons, and cost considerations that aren’t for everyone. Buying a service dog doesn’t mean going to a mill and coming home with a dog to comfort you. Service animals require careful selection to match with an individual’s needs, one to three years of training, and a clean bill of health.

When we receive inquiries for service animals, the common challenge people tell us about before they contacted us is the waiting pool for a dog or the cost of the animal is way outside the individual’s budget. The more we’ve heard about these outside complaints and the more people we’ve helped in sourcing and training high caliber service dogs, the more we knew that there was a serious void that we should fill as professional Schutzhund/IPO working dog trainers with incredible amount  knowledge in our training toolbox.

A key part of what separates us from many organizations and trainers is our flexibility in both finding the right dog for an individual and the diversity in our skill-sets as trainers. Our bio’s are not rhetoric, but tested at the highest levels of the dog sport world and proven time and time again from  one competition to the next. Of course, you should also read our testimonials and online reviews as an indicator of how we can help bring a service animal into your life.

Next steps…

Get in touch with John Soares today. Your introductory call with John is meant to understand your needs, your values, and what you’re looking for in a service animal. After that call, John will either work with you in bringing the right animal into your life or he would have provided you with invaluable resources and answers to your questions.

After we met with John, we could tell that he had the knowledge and resources to provide highly customized training that met our specific needs as a family. We like the fact that John’s facility is open rain or shine.  Thank you for everything, John!!!
Jessica Ma



We utilize our vast network of K9 professionals in the private and public sectors to locate your dog.


Our team will be with you throughout follow-up training.


Our team provides progress updates during the sourcing and training.


Our dogs come with a clean bill of health by a reputable vet and all registration papers.

Top Reviewed, Top Rated

When you’re thinking of using a trainer for a board and train program, what’s the first thing you do? You Google them. Deciding to leave your dog with a training professional is a big decision. Online reviews are an honest way to learn about the services provided by a business in a more unfiltered way. You’ll find that JSK9’s independent Google reviews and testimonials to be informative on the quality of our off-leash obedience training.

Ready when you are

Your dog isn’t going to train itself (in good behavior). So let’s get the ball rolling. To receive a no-obligation pet evaluation, just let us know a few details. We’ll be in touch very soon. Please use the phone number below or send us a message using our inquiry form.

Our prices for dog training are based on an in-person evaluation of your pet.

Call: (973) 506-4644

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