Comprehensive Helper Program

Training Helper Certification Program for Schutzhund/IPO in NJ

Schutzhund Helper Certification in New Jersey

levitra 20 mg consegna in italia A training helper is a consummate actor and communicator. Able to mimic not only animal movement but also to emit emotion. Flexibility in exaggerating expression is the language a great helper uses to balance a dogs genetic predisposition to this work. As with any type of dog training, k-9 understanding is relative to timing and association. Timing is crucial, the window of opportunity may only be half a second. To exploit such opportunities a helper needs to be instinctive and be able to make the correct decisions within these windows of opportunity. A training helpers responsibility is to help the dog, to instill the correct perception and success in how the dog is to interact with the helper. A good training helper is able to cultivate a dogs genetic working qualities and attributes by maintaining balance. This balance is important in trial. A judge at a Schutzhund/IPO trial assess a dogs willingness to work, trainability, courage, stability along with relationship to the handler as it interacts confidently with the helper. A dog needs to be trained by professionals to achieve this level of socialization. This balance is based on genetics as well as proper training.

before then buy viagra professional online canadian pharmacy John Soares has developed a helpers Training program that teaches:

  • how the nervous system of a dog works
  •  importance of maintaining equilibrium
  •  the internal defense mechanism of the body
  •  importance of channeling
  •  how to channel
  •  drives and instincts
  •  Importance of movement
  •  how to move
  •  ritualistic language
  •  how to work distance (personal, social, critical)
  •  perception of prey and aggression for different breeds
  •  process of domestication
  •  why different breeds need different types of work
  •  predatory sequence
  •  different equipment
  •  how and when to use equipment
  •  trial helper work Anybody can put on a sleeve or a bite suit and work dogs. But being a training helper is more than just giving bites. A TRAINING HELPER IS AN EDUCATOR. What facilitates learning for a dog is based on the knowledge a the trainer has. No matter how great a dog may be his success and understanding are limited to the trainers experience and ability. John Soares has put together a course for those wishing to learn this art. Drawing from his Schutzhund/IPO, French Ring, and personal protection experience John Soares presents a complete program. The famous saying is “There are always people ready to take a bite. But rarely someone who knows how to.”

dove acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Parma THIS COURSE IS NOT ABOUT MAKING DOGS MEAN OR ANGRY. 

go here This course is about educating why and how to properly mold and guide genetic tendencies into a safe, controlled and enjoyable outlet. WE DO NOT TEACH DOGS TO BITE.


You’ll command your dog off leash in 4 follow-up training sessions.


Ensuring your pet’s response to you and your family in off-leash environments.


Your dog’s attention when you require it the most.

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enter When you’re thinking of using a trainer for a board and train program, what’s the first thing you do? You Google them. Deciding to leave your dog with a training professional is a big decision. Online reviews are an honest way to learn about the services provided by a business in a more unfiltered way. You’ll find that JSK9’s independent Google reviews and testimonials to be informative on the quality of our off-leash obedience training.

viagra compresse divisibili Ready when you are Your dog isn’t going to train itself (in good behavior). So let’s get the ball rolling. To receive a no-obligation pet evaluation, just let us know a few details. We’ll be in touch very soon. Please use the phone number below or send us a message using our inquiry form.

follow url Our prices for dog training are based on an in-person evaluation of your pet.

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